So far this season I'm 29-26-3. Not the best record but I'm planning on finishing strong so jump on board while you can.

Seahawks + 5 at Atlanta Falcons. This is a match up where I expect the Seahawks to come out and punch the Falcons in the mouth then beat on them for most of the game. Sure Matt Ryan will find Julio Jones for some big plays but it won't be enough. Take the Seahawks +5.

Patriots - 15.5 Vs the Texans. There's really not much to say here. The Pats will just destroy the Texans.

Chiefs - 1 1/2 Vs the Steelers. Andy Reid is awesome off a bye week and the teams that seeded 1 or 2 last year were 4-0 and 3-1 the year before that. Add in terrible weather and the Chiefs win.

Packers + 5 at Dallas Cowboys. I think Dallas wins this one but not by 5. This is a Field Goal game.

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