Man I was so close to a 3 - 0 week. I still think Christian McCaffrey was in the end zone!!! Still I'll take another 2 - 1 week getting my season total back on the winning side 14-13-1. Let's keep it rolling this week with more road teams but this time I'm taking road favorites.

The New Orleans Saints were embarrassed last week against the Atlanta Falcons. I expect a huge bounce back game on both sides of the ball this week. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense just isn't ready for what's coming their way.

Saints -5.5

New England Patriots lost to the Ravens and have had two weeks to stew over that loss. They've also had two weeks to prepare their revenge against the team that beat them in Super Bowl 52. The Eagles could be in for a long day.

Patriots -3.5

While everyone is talking about who is better between Deshuan Watson and Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes is about to remind you all why they already call him "Hall of Famer Patrick Mahomes." The Chargers are a wreck and the Chiefs can feel the Raiders breathing down their necks.

Chiefs -3.5

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