It's time for the Week 6 Locks! UNDEFEATED last week with a 2-0-1 record improving the season record for Levack's Locks Powered by Death Wish Coffee to 8-6-1. This week is all about the data. Two of my plays are based on RESTED teams that I believe are better than their opponents and another one I'll call a "Sharp" play.

Seahawks -1.5 at Browns

Get this the two teams that played last Thursday are playing the teams that played on Monday night. So the rest and preparation is slanted directly towards the Seahawks in this one. I also think that if Baker Mayfield wants to live up to the hype he should study Russell Wilson.

Seahawks -1.5

Saints at Jaguars -1

The smart betters or wise guys are also known as Sharps. This week the Sharps are on the Jags. If Forest Gump was right and "Stupid is as stupid does" then the opposite must also be true. I'll follow the smart money on this one...MINSHEW MANIA!!!

Jags -1

49ers at Rams -3

See the rest argument from my first Lock and just make it here. I think the Rams are rested and prepared. I also think they know they should of won last week and will play like it this week. Finally if the Rams lose they'll be three games back in the NFC it too early to declare a MUST WIN?! I say no!

Rams -3

Just for fun here's a five team teaser I'm going to try.

Ravens -4.5/Buccs +9/ Eagles +9.5/Jets +13.5/Lions +10.5

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