Shorter amount of games to take a look at this Sunday thanks to the Thanksgiving Day games so here we go.

Jacksonville +7.5 The Bills are the better team but the Jags seem to rise to the occasion against them and even Rex felt the need to make sure his team didn't take them lightly. He told the media and the Bills the Jags are the "Best 2 and 8 team" he'd seen. I think the Jags keep this close and even lead from time to time.

Seahawks -5.5 Tampa Bay is coming off a big win over the Kansas City Chiefs. That being said the Seahawks seems to have found their swagger and the key will be to take away Mike Evans and then let Jameis Winston make mistakes...which will happen.

Jets +7.5 The Patriots are going to win this game but the Jets have just listened to the world tell them how bad they are for two weeks. They will be ultra motivated. They will make this a game.