Nice week last week! Thanks to the three highlighted Thanksgiving games I was able to go 4 - 2 raising my  season total to 23-17-1. If you were listening to the show we're already rolling this week thanks to the Cowboys. Let's get to winning!

Chargers travel to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers and this has the makings of a playoff preview game. This could be a maximum WATTage game. Derek Watt FB for the Chargers may have to block TJ Watt Steelers Linebacker. Here’s the deal, with Melvin Gordon or not in Pittsburgh I don’t think this is even close. So now that Gordon will most likely be out and it’s in Pittsburgh I see a big fight...but still a fight the Chargers will win. I’ll take the Chargers +3

Completing my Watt trifecta I will now move on to the Texans Browns game. There are two main reasons a spread will move without a major injury or change of circumstance. One is the SHARPS see a line that they think is way off and take advantage of it. The other is Joe Public overreacts to a player they Baker Mayfield. This game is the latter. Texans -5.5

All the reasons I’ve begun to buy in on the Cowboys are why I am selling on the Giants. The Cowboys beat the Saints by utilizing the skills of what they have and staying within themselves. The Giants are trying to make Eli and that O line something they aren’t and the public bickering is bad. The Bears with Chase Daniel will MACK-za-mize these weaknesses and cover -3.5.

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