Last week might be the most mediocre week EVER! ONE win, ONE loss and ONE push meaning my season record is now 22 - 20 - 3. I feel like I need way more Death Wish Coffee as I prepare for the Week 16 games. Truth is if I can finish strong for the final two weeks of the regular season and the playoffs I can finish with a decent amount of cash in my pocket.

Saints -2 at Titans

Both teams need this win but the Saints are just plain better. The Saints will look to solidify a top two seed in the NFC and if they can shut down or even slow down Derek Henry that will go a long way towards building confidence for the NFC playoffs.

Saints -2

Steelers - 3 at Jets

Jets have been better and this is the kind of game that can go a long way towards next season's momentum. Not to mention the fan base will be feeling a lot better about head coach Adam Gase and QB Sam Darnold if they win against the Steelers.

Jets +3

Packers at Vikings -5.5

I think the Packers are the better team and the Vikings backfield is banged up.

Packers +5.5

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