Little bit of a rough patch last week. I posted a 1 - 2 record. First losing week since Week three when I still thought the New York Giants were trying to actually win football games. Season record is a very average 9-8-1. Let's rip into Week seven.

The New England Patriots are on the “You may be getting good but not as good as us tour” Last week they out last a solid Kansas City Chiefs and this week they travel to Chicago for a Super Bowl 20 rematch...I believe Tom Brady was in his fifth season back in 1986 so he still feels some need for revenge(in case whoever is reading this doesn’t understand humor...that was a joke). I think the Bears’ defense will bounce back after last week and the offense is good enough to keep this close. I’ll take the Bears +3 at home.

The Flock is strong this year. The Raves are a good team and getting better. The New Orleans Saints are a powerhouse but for some reason the Ravens are getting the nod. Baltimore is a 2.5 point favorite. This is more gut than anything else. I like the Ravens to win at home and cover the -2.5 spread.

We already covered the fact that the Patriots are still the Patriots and yet again if you thought it was over you’re just plain silly. So if the Chiefs can go toe to toe with the Pats with a defense that is weak to say the least, they must be pretty good. I wouldn’t want to face a motivated Chiefs team coming off a loss at Arrowhead. That place is crazy and the Chiefs are really good. Chiefs - 6 over the Bengals in a game that the NFL flexed to Sunday Night.

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