FINALLY!!! I finally was able to set all the noise aside last week and go 3-0 bringing my season total to a manageable 14-12-1! It felt good to live in the winner's circle for an entire weekend. Hopefully you hadn't lost faith in me before those games and hopefully, I can keep the good times rolling here in week ten of the NFL season. My biggest issue this week is I don't truly love any play but I really like FOUR plays and if things go as expected I might take a FIFTH. So first time all season here are my FOUR "Locks" and a big IF for the week.

The Cleveland Browns are in a free fall and even with new voices telling this young and talented team what to do I just don't think they can get it done. The Falcons added LB/DE Bruce Irvin after the Raiders let him go last week hoping he'd help them pressure the QB. I see a bit of a shootout this week and in that case, I'll take former MVP Matt Ryan and arguably the best WR in the game Julio Jones. I'll take the Falcons - 4.5 on the road.

This one hurts me deep but the Oakland Raiders have 100% quit and they're in full rebuild and trust the process mode. It's never easy to give double-digit point spreads in the NFL but when one team hates the other team and the underdog has no pride left then I give it a chance. Chargers -10 in Oakland.

Monday Night Football could be the end of Eli and the continuing of Nick Mullens' reign as the greatest QB ever....however I don't see that happening. The Giants will play with at least some passion and pride. Eli will play well enough to Give his defense time to rest and score enough that the Eli fans will say he's not done yet. Giants +3 in San Fran. I also think this will be a high scoring affair. I'll take the over 44 as well.

The Jets will start Josh McCown this week at home against the Buffalo Bills. This game will be close. IF anyone other than Nathan Peterman starts for the Bills this team will make it close and possibly shock the Jets with a win. Bills +6.5 IF Peterman sits.

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