32-20-1 that's our regular season total for Levack's Locks. To put that into cash perspective, if you put $100 on every one of my picks you'd be up $1000 right now. I am pretty happy with that! So I will pick all four wild card games this weekend and hope for continued success. Here are the Wild Card weekend Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee The World's Strongest Coffee.

Saturday 4:35 pm the Houston Texans will host the Indianapolis Colts in the first playoff game of the season. Both of these teams started slow and came alive as the season went on. I think the Texan have a few more talented players but the Colts have been basically unbeatable and with Luck finally having some real protection there's no real reason to take the Texans...but again they're the better team. I'll take the Texans -1

8:15 Saturday the Dallas Cowboys host the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks win this game. If it was in Seattle it wouldn't even be close In Dallas it'll be close but Bobby Wagner will be Zeke's shadow and Russell Wilson to Angry Doug Baldwin will be the difference. Seahawks +2

Sunday the 1:05 game features a Ravens team that can physically push around almost any team in the playoffs...ALMOST. The Chargers are the most complete team in the NFL and have a 7-1 road record. The Ravens will keep this close but the Chargers will advance. Chargers +3

Da Bears!!!! Eagles rallied around Nick Foles and looked close to what they were last year as possible but the curse of Khalil Mack will end them. Vegas only has one spread over two and a half and it's this one. Vegas knows their stuff. Bears -6.5

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