Feeling pretty strong with my Locks lately! With back to back 3 - 0 picks before a 1 - 2 Sunday my season total is now 21-17-1. Let's look for some strong Home Field advantage for the week 14 Levack's locks powered by Death Wish Coffee the World's Strongest Coffee!

Ravens -5.5 at Bills

The Ravens are world beaters lately but the Bills are flying high off a big Thanksgiving Day win over the Dallas Cowboys. Put that together with the fact that they still feel overlooked when people talk about the best teams in the AFC and I see them making this a very close fist fight of a game.

Bills + 5.5

49ers at Saints - 2.5

The 49ers are coming off a tough loss to the Ravens, which would normally make me think twice about picking against them. HOWEVER I think the Saints are the real deal and will win this game at home.

Saints - 2.5

Colts at Buccaneers - 3

Buccaneers are capable of scoring a ton of points and I think they'll do just that. Colts are driving the struggle bus lately with a 1 - 4 record in their last five games.

Buccs - 3

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