So far, the Dallas Mavericks have been more impressive in the NBA Playoffs than the Miami Heat.

Going into tonight's action, the Dallas Mavericks have a 2-0 series lead over the Lakers, while the Miami Heat lead the Celtics 2-0.  I tossed out the following question on "The Noe Show" today:  Who has been more impressive thus far - the Mavericks or the Heat?

I can't believe that there are actually people who are suggesting that the Miami Heat has been more impressive to this point.  The Mavericks beat the two-time defending champion Lakers, in L.A.!  They have two road wins, including a 93-81 beatdown in Game 2 that wasn't nearly that close.

Miami has been impressive against the Boston Celtics, but they've won both of their games at home.  The last time the Celtics won a title was in 2008.  That's simply not as impressive as what the Mavericks have done.

Okay, the Mavericks beat the Blazers in the first round in six games, while the Heat beat the 76ers in five games.  Big deal.  The Trail Blazers are a better team and would likely smoke the Sixers in a series.  Dallas has been more impressive thus far.  It'll be interesting to see if Dallas will remain the more impressive team going forward.