Carmelo Anthony is 31-years-old and his time as an elite player in the NBA is closing. Since joining the Knicks in 2011, he has had 4 different head coaches and has gone through three different systems.

The Knicks now head into the off-season not only with a coaching decision, but a system decision given the lack of success the triangle offense has had.

But how can the Knicks get better right away if they keep the triangle system?

"I think that's the main question," Anthony said. "How can we take advantage of this window? How can we take advantage of this situation that we have in front of us?"

President of basketball operations, Phil Jackson, offered an answer to the process of selecting a possible new head coach.

"People I probably know will be in the interview process," Jackson said. "I will reach out to make connections to some people. But I've been in this position, in the NBA, over 50 years. And I've seen a lot of situations where coaches end up coming in without simpatico with the general manager, and those things don't work well. So someone who has compatibility with what I do as a leader would have to be in sync with what we do."

As far as Anthony possibly leaving and waiving his no-trade clause in his contract, he says it's no even an option.

"No conversation has taken place as far as me leaving or me wanting to leave," Anthony said. I think everybody knows how I feel about being here with this organization in New York, playing for the Knicks. I think nobody should question that."

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