The Mets continue to find ways to win, albeit against the Diamondbacks, who have been awful over the last few weeks. Those are the games you're “supposed” to win. Easier said than done when it comes to the Mets. At one point last week, the Metropolitans featured 17 players on the IL. It’s not easy when that list at one time includes Alonso, Lugo, McNeil, deGrom, Davis, Syndergaard, Carasco...well you get the picture.

The Polar Bear, Pete Alonso, got back on the field this week. He wasted no time before he deposited a baseball into orbit above Arizona. He was joined by the anticipated return of versatile reliever specialist Seth Lugo. The Mets own a four game lead in the National League East and are getting healthy, in more ways than one.

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In Wednesday’s game, shortstop Francisco Lindor went 3 for 5. He is still only hitting .209 but less than a week ago that number was in the low .180’s. We are a third through the regular season and Lindor is just getting acclimated to his home for the next decade or more. He is a superstar. He’ll figure it out and if he does, that will be a huge boost to the lineup.

The Mets have another former free agent that is just getting used to his Flushing home in James McCann. Playing first base last week may have been just the thing that the starting catcher needed to get his bat going. McCann had 3 hits and 4 RBI today, including his 4th HR of the season. The Mets don’t need McCann to do a ton with the bat but hitting below .200 is not acceptable.

However, everything isn’t all roses in Flushing. David Peterson had a horrible outing today. He gave up 5 earned runs while recording a single out. That is not a good pitching line in case you are keeping score. Trevor May has been shaky and streaky. Nimmo and Davis continue to have their return put in the distance. Carlos Carasco is looking like a late summer addition and that time frame would be hopeful, when it comes to Noah Syndergaard.

Met fans are enjoying first place. However, in the good tradition of those who have had their hearts ripped out with historic collapses, Met fans are also waiting for the other shoe to drop and things to start falling apart. Maybe this is a new era....we’ll see.

We talk to Jay Horowitz, author of Mr. Met and the Mets VP of Communications, as well as Tim Britton, who covers the Mets for the Athletic this Friday on the Drive with Charlie & Dan from 3p to 7pm.

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