This isn't your typical PSA.  Metta World Peace spices up a public service announcement for mental health awareness.

This is definitely the most unique PSA that I've ever seen before.  Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace turns a normally boring PSA into a commercial which features a skateboarding superhero cartoon.  The quote at the end of the ad is great too. "I may do some wild stunts some times, but there's something I'm really serious about.  Mental health."  Nice.

By the way, Metta World Peace will be featured in a trivia question tonight during Team Trivia at Tailgators in Clifton Park.  Here is the question: During the Malice in the Palace in a 2004 game between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons, when Ron Artest went into the stands to confront a fan, what number was he wearing?  The answer is at the bottom of this story.  The Pacers beat the Pistons that night 97-82.  The game was called with 45.9 seconds remained due to the melee.  The Malice in the Palace would definitely qualify as "some wild stunts." 

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Answer: 91

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