Check out this crazy trick shot that NC State sharpshooter Scott Wood makes.  He runs around like Dr. Evil’s son afterward, but it’s a heck of a shot.

It feels like NC State forward Scott Wood has been playing college basketball for the last decade to me.  The senior from Marion, IN has been a key player for the Wolfpack over the years.  He has that Steve Breaston (wide receiver from Michigan) feel to him where I say to myself, “This guy hasn’t graduated yet?”

Scott Wood is averaging 11.6 points per game while shooting 42% from 3-point range this season.  He ran around like Dr. Evil’s son, Scott, after making this trick shot.  I instantly thought of the Austin Powers movie where Dr. Evil says, “I’d like to point out that he’s the only member of our family who runs like a girl.”  It’s all good though.  I would’ve been excited after hitting a trick shot like this too.

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