It's never a good sign when you see a jersey unveiled, and your first thought is "wow, someone pulled a really good prank."

This was my thinking this morning, when Major League Baseball released jerseys and hats of each team for the upcoming All-Star Game in Colorado. Unlike previous seasons, and per's post on the announcement, these jerseys will be worn *during* the All-Star Game, bringing to a close the tradition of each player wearing their own team's jersey.

Gone are the days of the array of colorful jerseys cobbled together in unison along the first and third base lines. Instead, we get...these.

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Here is what the Yankees will be wearing...

Meanwhile, here is what the Mets will wear...

And here is a full array of the jerseys and headware that will be on display...

Three things I don't like off the bat: the purple star-red logo combo, the blue pattern on the sleeves, and the logos on the front of the jersey.

The Rockies have AWESOME jerseys, in my opinion. Purple is a hard color to pull off, but the purple, black, white and silver has always popped to me. That color scheme should have been fully embraced in this design, and it was not. I really don't know what's going on with the sleeves. Upon closer inspection, my first thought was that they're the kind of flowers you see on a Hawaiian shirt? I'm not sure, but people watching the game won't be as close to the jerseys as I was to my screen just now. It's bizarre.

Lastly, I actually wouldn't have minded the three letter design down the left chest area of the players. You could've also put every team's logo in that same location, and it would've looked alright. This looks like you designed the jerseys, put both logos on to decide which one you wanted to use, and then forgot to delete the loser.

Major League Baseball is just lucky that the rest of the decisions they've made this year have been so popular. Otherwise, these jerseys could be a REAL disaster.

Oh wait...

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