Are you watching the NBA Playoffs? Do you notice anyone missing? I am and I do, but it doesn't matter. LeBron James or not, this postseason is entertaining with legit team matchups. For years, eight of them to be exact, LeBron carried the interest, intrigue and torch for that matter of the Eastern Conference. A move out west, an absence from the playoffs and the league rolls on.

With the unstoppable force that is the Golden State Warriors, their NBA Finals counterpart might not have the planet's best player, but it might be a more balanced opponent.

Even if it feels like the Warriors are a lock to come out of the West (they are), the East is uber-competitive and both conference semifinal matchups have their own variety of star-power.

No LeBron James? No problem. We debated this in '0, 50 or 100' this past week on Onorato & Bagnardi.

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