A month after vowing to tone down his act Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is at it again. No  he didn't praise another of the worlds tyrants like his gushing over Cuban dictator Fidel Castro which resulted in a 5 game suspension in April. This time Guillen said he wanted to "kick Dwyane Wade's ass" for what Guillen clearly thought was an insubordint gesture by Wade during the Heats loss to the Indiana Pacers Thursday night.

Wade got into a brief but heated argument with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra as the Heat was getting blown out in the ball game. Wade appeared to lightly shove the Heat coach in  addition to yelling at him.

Guillen who just days ago turned off his twitter account can still be counted on for his from the hip comments. Talking about Wade he said "He would kick his ass-well I won't kick his ass cause  they're bigger then me, and I am older. But I will take my chances. Some people have to understand our jobs"..

Guillen said " If a player did that to me I guarantee a fight". Guillen then went on saying "you know how many players I take out of a game and they go to the back and talk crap about me". Not done Ozzie added more "I don't care because I am going to talk crap about them. If I take you out of a game it's for a reason. You think I want to take you out of a game?  You think I want to pinch hit for you? I pinch hit for you because you suck. There's somebody else I thought  was better then you"

You have to laugh and enjoy the brashness of Guillen. At least I do. It will be interesting to see how Miami fans handle this latest outburst from Ozzie. Cuban dictator castro is hated in Miami, with a huge Cuban population that escaped the tyrant murderer. However the media as usual got the story wrong talking about boycotts of the Marlin games. Like 4 people protested. It was another media creation.

Wade is beloved in Miami.  Has Guillen upset the fan base? Will he back off? does it matter really. If the Heat lose to the Pacers  Wade and his mates will face a lot worse then the smack put down by Guillen!