Many have always said there's no group of fans more loyal than Mets fans. the Mets fan has suffered through some bad times but always stays loyal and always finds a way to believe. One Mets fan named Kathleen Selig had recently been diagnosed with weeks to live. So her granddaughter reached out to the Mets and they truly lived up to their "Amazin Mets" nickname.

When the Mets received word of just how big a fan Kathleen is not only did they send a personalized video from 1st Baseman Pete Alonso but new manager Luis Rojas called her as well. In the article from TMZ you can see just how devoted Kathleen is to her Mets.

18-year-old Ally Henglein explained of her "Gammy," "She is a diehard Mets fan and has been since the start." "The Mets have helped her through the lonliest of times," Henglein wrote. "So much so, she has asked us to spread her ashes at Citi Field when the time comes."

Watch the video HERE.

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