Here I thought Lebron James was above the nonsense and foolishness. But if his "war of words" with Indiana Pacers Frank Vogel is any indication, then James is needing some artificial means of firing himself up for the series that starts on Wednesday in Miami.

Some fast background: Vogel was asked after the Pacers knocked out the Knicks about facing the Heat. Vogel answered with a good answer in my mind saying "they are just another team in the way of where we want to go." This was reasonable, I believe. But not to James who exclaimed his outrage over Vogel's comments.

It seems that James didn't like the fact that Vogel called the defending champion Heat "just another team." Really, King James? What is Vogel supposed to do, fawn over the Heat?

If Vogel had said something along the lines of "we are playing the greatest team ever, how we can possibly win the series?" would James feel like he was getting the "proper" respect?

Perhaps Vogel should have used the tactics some other coaches have employed in the past. That would be Vogel saying something like "well, that's a great team over there and I don't think we can beat them. We are slow, spotty on the offensive end and it will be a miracle if we win this series." Perhaps James thinks every team should just be in awe of his Heat?

The truth is the Heat will win this series and the title again. Why? Because they have the best player in the world and, in the world of NBA basketball, whomever has the best player usually wins the championship. This is of course not an absolute given, but the formula works most of the time, be it Jordan, Kobe, Bird. That's the NBA.

The surprising thing is that King James needs such bogus motivation or another coach fawning over the Heat to not feel "disrespected." I thought James was above this nonsense?

My prediction? Heat in 5 and they will take on the Spurs and win that series in 6 or 7. Chill, King Jame,s anyone who watched this league knows who the best team is and it isn't the Pacers.

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