I admit to not being much of a boxing fan. I used to follow the sweet science a lot closer than I do now. Time and disinterest have turned me off to boxing. What always turned me on was that distinct voice of Bert Randolph Sugar, a boxing historian, renowned author, and truly great story teller.

Sugar sadly passed away at the age of 75 Sunday night from cardiac arrest. If you admire people that have great knowledge and passion about a topic that you have interest in then you would have admired Bert Sugar. He was not only a boxing historian, but wrote many books about the national pastime, baseball, as well.

Sugar was the throwback "gumshoe", as they used to call them. Gumshoe referring to the name given to real reporters. Too many frauds these days. Sugar was a gumshoes gumshoe.

Bert also had a very distinctive voice. Loud, boomish, and scrapey. Sounded like someone who enjoyed his cigars- and many of them.

Sugar was entertaining, engaging, and available to talk and promote a fight or one of his books. Sugar was ringside for every big fight and he was honest at least in the few interviews I did with him about the state of boxing. He certainly wasn't shy about an opinion, even if it did ruffle feathers. I always enjoyed talking with Sugar and I am sorry I won't hear him talking about a sport I used to really dig but have just mild interest in these days. Rest in Peace Bert Randolph Sugar, a gumshoe and brilliant man.