Last year, the Rangers won the President's Trophy and for the second year in a row, fell short of the Stanley Cup in the Finals.

New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators
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With the team currently the second best in the whole league, have the Rangers taken the steps forward to secure Lord Stanley this year?

"I think with Mats Zuccarello back, they’re a better team," said 104.5 The Team's Rick DiPietro. "He and Nash together are much better than Nash by himself. If you’re going to have to make the next step in the playoffs, Nash is going to have to be a factor one way or another."

Of course, New York will continue to be atop the rankings as long as the man between the pipes is one of the best the NHL has to offer.

"Henrik Lundvquist is the best player in the NHL right now. The Rangers are +26 goal differential 5-on-5. Any time there is that much disparity with 5-on-5, you’re doing a lot of things right."

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