Congrats to 24-1 long shot Ruler On Ice - who won the Belmont Stakes on Saturday.  And let's give props to Stay Thirsty - who was 2nd in the final leg of the Triple Crown.

But  forget about who won, I want to talk about who lost.


That's right.  I lost $928.00.

Ruler On Ice returned $51.50, $26 and $13.60. Stay Thirsty paid $19.40 and $10.80. Brilliant Speed was third and returned $7.90 to show.

The 3-2 exacta paid $928.00.  Nine-hundred and twenty eight dollars!

Why is that important?  Because I always bet 3-2.  Always.  For ever major stakes race, I do it.  March 2nd is my birthday and so I exacta box the 3-2 everytime.  Except this time.  For some reason, I decided not to make the bet for the Belmont.  Perhaps I wasn't into the Belmont Stakes because there wasn't a Triple Crown on the line.

I am so upset I want to throw up.  I'm not even kidding.  This sickens me.  I will never, ever skip out on a major stakes race again.  I know the 3-2 will never finish first and second again, but I'm not going to regret not making a bet anymore.  It's better to have bet and lost then never to have bet at all.

Well, I guess you can say you can't lose what you never had but that doesn't help me right now.