It's taken awhile, but college football has figured this thing out. Four teams is enough for the playoff and now we finally get these games on a Saturday night that isn't New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. In its fifth year, the CFP has the ability to bring the die-hard, casual and even non-football fans together for a party the way the Super Bowl does.

That said, as pumped up as I am for these two semifinal games, my fear is that we could get two duds. Two blowouts. Both Alabama and Clemson opened as double-digit favorites and both will remain exactly that at kickoff of their games. And yet, I am working to justify to myself why both games have the potential to be close if not altogether upsets.

Notre Dame has the ability to slow Clemson down with its defense but also its methodical, efficient offense. Oklahoma has the Heisman Trophy winner with an innovative, aggressive head coach leading as explosive of an attack as there is in college football.

One thing's for sure: Peter Burns from the SEC Network gets us ready for these games like no one else.

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