Bills head coach Rex Ryan is boastful about players all the time, but ESPN's Adam Schefter tells 104.5 The Team that his big talk about third-string quarterback Tyrod Taylor is truthful, at least in his own mind. 

"I still think Tyrod Taylor is a name and a player to watch this summer," said Schefter, on 104.5 The Team. "I think he will be given a chance to win that starting job.

"He probably was the most impressive QB during mini camps and OTAs. Now how that translates into the preseason and once they get into real life games, real life action with people diving at your legs and your feet? It becomes a different situation.

"We have never really seen Tyrod Taylor shine or thrive in those situations because he has never had the chance in NFL game action. But he is going to be given that opportunity at some point this summer. And if he plays in the preseason games this summer like he did in the off-season , I think Tyrod Taylor will have a chance to win that starting job in Buffalo."

The perennial NFL backup has spent the last four years behind Joe Flacco in Baltimore. Originally a 6th round pick out of Virginia Tech in 2011, Ryan has been voistrous from the beginning that Taylor would have a fair opportunity to beat out both E.J. Manuel and Matt Cassel, neither of whom have looked good so far this summer.

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