The  tournament is officially here and that means it is time to sign up for the 2018 104.5 The Team Bracket Challenge. Who's your Cinderella? Who's your Final Four? What team will be your sleeper pick? Here's your chance to compete against your friends, family and more in the most exciting sports event of the year. Will you have a punishment for the person with the worst bracket?

Last year, Goz lost to Levack's daughter in the bracket challenge and was forced to wear a Hooters outfit for a whole show! This year, if Goz loses again, he will have to dress up as The Rock from the early 1990s (fanny pack and all).

The whole staff from 104.5 The Team will be playing in this year's bracket challenge. Can you pick more games correct than Rodger Wyland, Chris Onorato, Levack, Goz, Closer, Woods and more? Oh, and there's some serious cash on the line too.

Click the link below to sign up for your chance to potentially win one million dollars!


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