With the fate of Game Two between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat already decided, Chicago Bulls big man Taj Gibson was the victim of a couple of particularly brutal calls. He was called for a traveling violation despite getting pushed, then was not awarded two points when Chris "Birdman" Andersen clearly was guilty of goaltending on one of his shots. Upset, and after Miami received a third straight favorable call, Taj Gibson decided it was the perfect time to absolutely flip out.

Now, it is completely true that Gibson was wronged by the officials. With that said, the Bulls were down by more than thirty points at the time. Who cares if you missed out on the opportunity to cut the Heat lead down to 34? Just let the game play out and do everything you can to take out the Heat in Chicago.

After his tirade, Gibson will certainly be fined, and may be suspended. I, for one, think he should be allowed to play, but what if the NBA's disciplinary overlords disagree? Taj Gibson could have just cost a team in desperate need of healthy bodies one of the few healthy bodies they possess?

While I am all for sending a message to officials when they do something wrong, there is a time and place for it. Jeopardizing one of the few healthy players on a team featuring a point guard who has been throwing up on the bench is not one of those times.

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