I must admit I am surprised how poorly the Knicks have played the last 2 games vs the Indiana Pacers. Thanks to 2 lousy performances the Knicks find themselves in the worst position of all. 1 more loss means the season is over and the summer and questions begin.

The Knicks, a team that had little trouble scoring this year save for a few games suddenly can't score.The Knicks shot 35.6% in losing game 4 Tuesday night 93-82. The game wasn't even that close. From behind the 3 point line NY was a dismal 8 of 28 ( 28.6%). JR Smith was a putrid 3 of 10. Iman Shumpert was an o-fer going 0-5. Carmelo Anthony was 2 for 6. Sorry I am not giving all the credit to the Pacers. They are a fine club but I still believe the Knicks to be better, at least better then how they have played.

Suddenly the Knicks look OOOOOLD. The Knicks core is not old but they are being dragged down and look old cause the support players ( who are old) suddenly reflect the entire Knick team. What in the name of point guards is Jason Kidd doing? His scrambling to double defense for no reason has led to several Pacer easy 3 point buckets. Suddenly the Knicks do reflect the long age of Kidd, Kenyon Martin et el.

Suddenly my favorite 2 Knicks, they being Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin look small. Chandler was a little better in game 4 then he was in previous games but that doesn't say much.

Key stretch in this game for my money. Roy Hibbert who now looks like Robert Parrish went to the bench for the last 7 and change of the 3rd quarter with 4 fouls. The Knicks trailed by 11. When Hibbert returned for the start of the 4th they trailed by the same 11.

All of a sudden George Hill, a talented player, looks like Ray Allen and Allen Iverson combined. He drives-he scores. He shoots the long ball-he scores.

The Knicks look lost. Has the J.R. Smith circus taken over the entire club? Maybe. Smith decided hanging out late and partying with diva Rihanna were more important then getting rest and being ready.

I still believe in this Knick team but am fully aware of their shortcomings. After the Knicks beat the Boston Celtics in round 1, Carmelo Anthony said something to the effect that is why he and others were brought in, to get out of the 1st round. WRONG Melo! You were brought here, along with others, to make a run at a championship not get out of the 1st round. Many teams have gotten out of the 1st round. Many have not won a title. It tells me the Knicks are still somewhat championship immature. I never heard the likes the Magic, Bird, Jordan etc etc say getting out of the 1st round was why they were on their teams.

The Knicks are in big trouble but not an insurmountable hole. A win in game 5 means the pressure is on the Pacers to get game 6 or go back to the Garden for a game 7.

In my view Knick head coach Mike Woodson needs to find out early in game 5 if JR Smith has his shot. If not to the bench. Kidd should stay on the bench. Let's see if Chris Copeland a fearless scorer has the touch and a little more of Pablo Prigioni not just the 3 minutes he scratched in game 4 would be nice. Woodson is a bit limited right now. Shumpert's knee is aching again. Amare Stoudemire can't play more then 12ish minutes per game and others are not producing. Somehow Woodson has to figure how he can make the Pacers play the Knicks style cause playing the Pacers preferred style is not conducive to winning games for this Knick squad


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