It's official: the New York Mets and Kumar Rocker are no longer a couple.

But why?

It's hard to say exactly why the New York Mets failed to sign their first round draft pick, electric Vanderbilt hurler, Kumar Rocker. The team originally had offered Rocker a $6 million contract, following which they conducted the routine physical examination. Then, all of a sudden, the offer was no longer the aforementioned $6 million, but rather $4.74 million. This lower figure is, in essence, the minimum dollar amount that a player selected 10th overall can make.

Understandably, Rocker was set on the original offer, and neither of the sides budged in their demands. As the deadline on Sunday passed, their tumultuous relationship came to a close.

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What remains unsolved, however, is why the relationship deteriorated so suddenly. Rocker's agent, the notorious Scott Boras, told ESPN the following:

"Kumar Rocker is healthy according to independent medical review by multiple prominent baseball orthopedic surgeons." -Scott Boras on Kumar Rocker

As far as I've seen, there have been no reports to the contrary. Boras continued that there was "no significant change" in MRIs done this year, versus MRIs done in 2018. So, if it's not injury-related, then why couldn't the sides come to an agreement? It's unfair to speculate about a young pitcher and young man like Rocker without evidence, but something seems off.

What did the Mets find that made them retract their higher offer? What were they hiding from?

We may never know that, but we do know this. The Mets will receive the 11th overall draft selection in 2022, which essentially serves as a do-over for the team. Rocker, meanwhile, has elected not to return to Vanderbilt next season, and will instead search for an home in independent professional baseball in order to be draft-ready for 2022.

For now, those are all the answers we have.

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