The Yankees are linked to acquiring some of the bigger names at the trade deadline but this year, general manager Brian Cashman has drawn a line as to which prospects he won’t deal. 

“I think they essentially have three guys that they’re not going to want to trade,” said ESPN’s Buster Olney to Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. “[Luis] Severino would be number one, [Aaron] Judgeis number two and

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is number three, the first baseman.”

Or course, it’s easy to say that certain names are off the market. But if the Yankees are that close to bringing in someone like the best closer in baseball, Cincinnati’s Aroldis Chapman, would they falter?

“I suspect that if you start to bring in elite talent like Chapman in the conversation, you get more flexible. I don’t think they will with Severino, I think he’s here to stay.”

Chapman along with Padres closer Craig Kimbrel are two names Cashman could reel in, if he’s willing to send enough back in return. As of this weekend, reports also indicated that the Yankees were involved in talks with the Athletics and second baseman Ben Zobrist.

Update: CBS' Jon Heyman has added a fourth name to the 'untouchables'...

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