The Giants were bad in just about every phase on Sunday, except maybe the offensive line. That unit was better than advertised, but the offense and defense overall turned in bad performances against Denver. The offense can’t score enough points and quarterback Daniel Jones continues to turn it over. Giants defense allowed quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to throw all over them. It’s only one game, but I expected much better. Sal Paolantonio joined the show as he does every week and shared some fun facts with us! Listen above and see them below:

  • The Giants were blitzed by the Denver Broncos offense 16% of the time. That is half the NFL average in Week number 1 and yet they still wrecked the Giants offensive game plan. They were still able to get to Daniel Jones including 2 sacks from Von Miller.
  • The Panthers blitzed the Jets 23% of the time and absolutely tormented Zach Wilson and the Jets offensive line. Wilson was sacked six times and was hit 10 times by the Panthers defense.
  • Daniel Jones has now turned the ball over 40 times in his NFL career in 33 starts. That sums up the career thus far and we may be looking at a future without Daniel Jones with Big Blue. It does not get any easier Thursday night against a great Washington front 4.
  • It is not rocket science to fix this thing for Jason Garrett and Mike LaFleur, the offensive coordinators for the Giants and Jets respectively. You know the offensive lines are challenged and you need to help them by scheming up protection to hel the QB's flourish.

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