The crowd at Citi Field leapt to their feet, as New York Mets' infielder Javier Baez flew through the air, sliding past the outstretched glove of the Miami Marlins' catcher to score the game-winning run. As the celebration came to a conclusion on the field, Baez felt a bit lighter on one side of his head than the other. He put a hand to his ear, realizing in horror that his earring had gone missing.

And just like that, the search was on.

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I wish I was joking, but I'm not. Here's the scene at Citi Field following the conclusion of Monday's twin-bill with the Miami Marlins:

That's right, even New York Mets President of Baseball Operations, Sandy Alderson, got in on the search. Mets' reporter Anthony DiComo was on the case from the beginning, providing up-to-the-minute updates as the search dragged on. He let us know that the Mets' analytics department had joined in on the hunt, using equations and protractors to estimate the launch angle of the earring from Baez's ear.

Okay, I can't confirm that last part, but I do know that it was all hands on deck to try to find it.

Think about this situation for a moment, though. This is Javier Baez we're talking about. Aside from Francisco Lindor, you can't find a player that's disliked by fans of the team more than Baez right now. The "thumbs down" saga originated with Baez and Lindor, and the duo has faced a rash of media and fan contempt ever since.

That being said, Baez is still a member of the New York Mets, at least through the end of 2021. It's a sign of class and dignity by Alderson and the front office members who chose to search for his earring, and hopefully, will help the two sides build a bridge to a more cooperative relationship.

Oh, and the earring is still missing. Not that I'm justifying trespassing, but I bet it's pretty expensive, too. Okay, carry on.

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