As much respect as I have for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and all his greatness, there is no way he’s going to play six to seven more years at the level he’s currently performing at right now. But that’s what he told New England owner Robert Kraft, and he wasn’t joking. Brady who turns 40 in August has three more really good years left and another Super Bowl ring, but not much more than that. It doesn’t matter what his eating habits are, or how much he works out, eventually age catches up with everyone, including Brady.

No matter what Brady tells Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner needs to start thinking about life after #12. That is if he hasn't already. In fact, maybe that's why some many people close to the New England organization are saying that Jimmy Garoppolo won't be traded this offseason. But do the Patriots want to find themselves in a position to lose Garoppolo to free agency in a couple of years without getting anything in return and still with an aging QB on its roster?

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