Not everyone feels that Tommy John surgery would be the best way to go for Masahiro Tanaka. Of course, the man who they named the surgery after is pretty confident. 

Tanaka is currently sitting out for the second time in less than a season with an arm injury. While doctors have been skeptical in tying this directly to his UCL, the thought is still there that Tommy John surgery would fix all.

"The percentage [of those that come back healthy from Tommy John surgery] is about a 92% success ratio," said Tommy John, with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. "If it were 15 or 20%, I would say, 'Hey, wait it out'.

"But when it’s 90-92%, I want to get my pitcher back out on the mound. He is doing me no good doing what he is doing now."

While Tommy John said that he believes Dr. James Andrews and the others involved know best, he's still very proactive in the idea of Tanaka going under the knife.

"The quicker he has it, the sooner he’ll be back," said John. "The difference between a rock and a hard place."

Of course, Tommy John, at 71 years old, is still quick on his feet and good at throwing in some jokes here and there:

"Maybe when they decide if they will pay A-Rod the $6 million, they can take a little of that money and pay for the surgery for Tanaka," John laughed.

The reason that the 17-year MLB veteran is so confident in Tommy John surgery? Because of the way that he responded to it.

"In the 13 years that I came back from surgery, I never missed a start. Every time I was supposed to start, I started."

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