The Valley Cats are preparing for another great season and the promotional schedule will entice even the most borderline fan to come out to the ole ballgame.

"The Joe" will host it's second All Star game and of course multiple bobble head and fireworks nights. The Cats will honor local heroes and Super heroes and Bark at the park will be back for all you dog lovers.

Here's a brief example from the Valley Cats website: Multiple fan favorite nights return to "The Joe," like Around the World in 9 Innings (June 25), Irish Night (July 11), Notte Italiana (August 5), Beach Party / Healthy Living Night presented by Adirondack Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (August 17), SouthPaw's Birthday Fiesta (August 19), 50's Night: 50 Cent Hot Dogs presented by Helmbold's Hot Dogs (August 31), and Bark in the Park Night (September 6) presented by Van Allen Apartments.

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