In a surprising fashion one of the biggest headlines this World Series sits right behind the plate. No, it's not the World Series winner Buster Posey. It's a man that has been to more playoff games than some franchises. He goes by the nickname "Marlins Man".

You know that guy that you probably keep seeing in all orange at the World Series games?  That would be Marlins Man - the ultimate super fan, that has attended hundreds of professional and collegiate sporting events.  

Marlins Man is actually a 58-year-old Miami lawyer named Laurence Leavy. He joined Armen and Levack Friday afternoon to tell them some of his crazy stories that comes with his newfound fame.

" When I flew to Vegas Yesterday; when I got in line at the


airport in Kansas City, they stopped scanning people and the police officers and TSA agents came and got in line to take selfies with me"

Fans love him, owners? Not so much.

“The owner of the Royals was extremely upset I was distracting his team". They offered him a private suite if he would move. They tried giving him free World Series apparel. His answer every time "NO".

You can find Levy at tonight's game sitting right behind the plate per usual. Levy say's he plans to attend every World Series game, there's just one dilemma. Levy has tickets to a Pitbull &  Enrique Iglesias concert, and Levy emphasized he is a huge Pitbull fan.(5:42 mark).


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