University of Albany Athletic Director Mark Benson joined us in studio to talk all things Great Danes. The Lacrosse season is only a month away, Track and Field is going strong and of course Men's and Women's basketball teams are competing in the America East but Levack wants Benson to answer for General Managers and Athletic Directors EVERYWHERE on how to hire a Head Coach. Will Benson give a straight answer?

Mark Benson is one of the smoothest talkers out there. So when he doesn't want to give a direct answer it's not easy to corner him into an uncomfortable reply. The question was about the process the Jets employed to hire their Head Coach. As we now know former Dolphins Head Coach Adam Gase got the job but there's now information he may not have been the first choice. Is this important and how likely is it a team would negotiate with more than one candidate seriously at the same time?

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