How dangerous is this UAlbany lacrosse team? As dangerous as a blowtorch. After a 15-3 dominating performance at Syracuse last weekend, the Great Danes have opened whatever remaining eyes may have still been heavy or drowsy on the purple and gold.

Connor Fields may be the best player in the country and freshman phenom Tehoka Nantickoe may be the most difficult matchup in all of lacrosse. There are two potential speed bumps on the schedule, but neither Yale nor Maryland may require UAlbany to take a detour or hit a straight up road block. Even the defending champion Terrapins might prove to simply be a top 5 ranked casualty of this steamroll Scott Marr has built.

ESPN college lacrosse analyst and National Champion & All-American at Syracuse Paul Carcaterra joined Big Board Sports to break down this UAlbany team and to attach the term "blowtorch" to the Great Danes' scary-good offense:

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