Baseball is  my favorite sport. I just love it.So much I could watch the KC  Royals take on the Oakland A's in September when both are long eliminated. However baseball outside of hot stove talk is also the 1 sport where  i detest almost everything off the field about the game. I know strange but true. the game is just perfect like a great movie or book or CD but off the field the game is rotten to me. From attitudes of many players to the snarkyness of the baseball media the game loses it's luster. i won't even get into the roids stuff. the game is better then ever before to this fan but the baseball writers-this supposed 'new group of smart' is  hurting the game IMO. I will make this short-Verlander is a terriffic pitcher. Funny when you look at his 2011 season he started out as the same pitcher he was before. great stuff but a thrower then it kicked in and he kicked tail- However in no way-shape-form or fashion should a pitcher EVER win an MVP award. It's really that simple. The same way no Running back should be the leading tackler on your Football team. verlander for all his achievments participated in less then 30% of his teams games. I am sorry you can't be an MVP when you play less then 30% of your teams games. It is  just that simple. he didn't participate in over 70% of the Tigers contests. these same fools gave the Cy Young to 13 game winner Felix Hernandez the year before.13 wins gets him Cy Young? really?

These saber metric  holier then thou smarter then you or I just ask them rubes are killing these awards. it really is simple. You win 13 games you don't get CY. you participate in less then 70% of your teams games you don't win MVP no matter how well you did in the 30%ish games  you played. What's next someone winning the hitting title based on projections? Perhaps stolen base leaders based on how fast they can run from the cops-you know how fast they can run? Some things don't need to be over thought. Sometimes simple is good. Sadly these wizards of smart try to out think simple logic so they can come off sounding brilliant. There is nothing brilliant about giving the MVP to a player who because of the position he plays participating in less then 30% of his teams games.