Alex Cora breaks his silence on the Astros sign-stealing scandal, something that seems like happened years ago. It was only 150 days ago Cora was fired as the Red Sox manager, nothing has happened since then, correct?

ESPN Reporter, Marly Rivera, saw Cora at a charity event where he opened up candidly about the novel scandal that rocked the baseball world in the early part of 2020. This story was what everyone was talking about. It was the fuel going into this baseball season. Now? We sit and wonder when we will even see this season begin, if at all!

In an interview with Marly Rivera on Thursday Cora stated, "Out of this whole process, if there is one thing that I completely reject and disagree with is people within the Astros organization singling me out, particularly [former general manager] Jeff Luhnow, as if I were the sole mastermind. The commissioner's report sort of explained, in its own way, what happened. But the [Astros players] have spoken up and refuted any allegations that I was solely responsible."

This is the most open we have seen Alex Cora throughout all of this, and he is making it a point that it was not just him and Carlos Beltran as the 'masterminds' in this. Throughout this sage it has seemed Cora has been one of the main 'faces', but he is making it a point it was not just him involved. It was more in-depth.

"If there is one thing I am absolutely sure of, it is that it was not a two-man show. We all did it. And let me be very clear that I am not denying my responsibility, because we were all responsible."

There is a lot to unpack in that line, but the one sentence that sticks out most? "We all did it".

What a quote.

What if a team of 25 players all used anabolic steroids, won a world series, and received no punishment? The common argument was; 'We are not sure who was apart of it' or 'It was only a few players'.

Again, to get back to the quote Cora used:

"We all did it".

Looking back at it now, do you believe Major League Baseball handled this scandal the right way?

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