One of my least favorite words in the world of sports betting is "if". If I had bet this team, If the receiver held on to the ball or in my case last week IF the games were three quarters I would be 3 - 0. Well, none of those things happened and I went 1 - 2 taking my season total to 7 - 11. A friend of mine likes to say "You can't eat the whole elephant in one sitting, you can only take bites of the elephant." I can't get a winning record for the season this week but I can take a bite out of my deficit. Let's post a winning record for week 7.

Buffalo Bills -13 at New York Jets

Simply put the Bills are good and the Jets are bad. The Jets should get QB Sam Darnold back and possibly have rookie WR Denzel Mims active for the first time this season. That being said the Bills are coming off two embarrassing losses to superior teams in back to back weeks. I fully expect the Bills to take out their aggressions on the Jets and take away another one of Jets coach Adam Gase's apparent nine lives.

Bills -13

Green Bay Packers - 3.5 at Houston Texans (Total 57)

Packers were slapped around by Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week and the Texans have been possibly the biggest disappointment in the NFL so far this season. I smell desperation and A LOT of points in this match up.


Seattle Seahawks -3.5 at Arizona Cardinals

I've been riding the Seahawks gravy train all season and it only missed one payday for me so far. I feel like the Cardinals are good but not as good as how they looked against the Dallas Cowboys. This game should be a shootout but I expect Russell Wilson to make more plays than Kyler Murray nad cover late.

Seahawks -3.5

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