Last week, Levack and Goz began taking suggestions on new topics for the daily weekday feature "The Top 5 at 5". You can continue find out what the guys are looking for when it comes to topics here Alex suggested on the free 104.5 The Team app that the guys give the top five sports stadiums you have ever visited. It could be for any event. Either attending as a media member, fan, employee, tour, work or more.

To hear Levack and Goz's take on the venues, listen to the link below

Do you agree or disagree with Levack and Goz's list? What are the top five sports venues you have been able to visit? Plus what makes a venue "great"? Is it the tradition, the prestige, the location, the environment, the city? Let us know your thoughts either below or by leaving a message on the FREE 104.5 The Team app.

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