Anthony DiComo covers the New York Mets for What is the root to all the evils that the Mets seem to be plagued by?

Here's his answer:

"Well I mean at some point when this happens year after year and frankly, decade after decade you can’t just say a team is snake bit you have to say there’s something going on here and that’s what the Mets thought they were solving this past offseason. They fired a couple members of their training staff, they brought in some people from the outside. They really tried to overhaul and revamp the systems they had in place in terms of communications and protocol and just how they dealt with injuries and things like that as they came up and they really thought that they’d hit on something. That this was going to be something they had done poorly in the past that they would do well now. And you know the same old story has unfolded in 2018 so you have to think that what they did and what they put in place doesn’t work. So clearly there are still a lot of issues internally here in terms of how the Mets deal with injuries, how the Mets communicate with their players, how the front office communicates with the coaching staff and the medical staff and all of that stuff and it looks very much unsolved. Over the weekend Yoenis Cespedes was a prime example of that. He said on Friday night that you know, coming back from the DL, but “oh by the way I may need surgery on both of my heels” and it could cost me 8 to 10 months and then about 12 hours later, first thing in the morning Mickey Calloway said I had no idea what Yoenis Cespedes said. I was totally unaware. So it’s just not the message you want to be sending as an organization that the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. And that’s the type of thing that has bedeviled the Mets in the past, they thought they had solved it like I said, but here it is again in 2018 cropping it’s head again."

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