Each week on Levack and Goz we offer up a simple question: WHY?!  At 4pm, the toughest questions to answer in the world of sports are presented, and the crew at 1045 The Team does their best to provide you answers."Wednesday Why?" is brought to you by the Integrative Sleep Center. Goz returns to this segment after being off last week.

This week's edition of Wednesday Why included the discussion of the New York Knicks starting to win basketball games! Why are the New York Knicks starting to win more games? Does it have anything to do with the recent Academy Award victory by life long Knicks fan Spike Lee? Why did the New York Yankees extend outfielder Aaron Hicks? Why is Levack trying to avoid going back under the orange roof? Why is Traffic Guy Vinnie refusing to groom  himself?

To hear the complete version of this week's edition click on the audio link below. (The audio will be available following today's Levack and Goz show.

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