The final "Wednesday Why?" brings a bit of an adjustment to the weekly segment. Each week on Levack and Goz we offer up a simple question: WHY?! At 4pm, We do our best to answer the toughest questions in sports. "Wednesday Why?" is brought to you by the Integrative Sleep Center.This week's, "Wednesday Why?" is scheduled to air in the 6pm hour following coverage of Yankees-Blue Jays afternoon baseball.

This week's feature includes the question as to why the Houston Rockets would want to trade for Jimmy Butler. The All star player has asked to be traded from two previous franchises. Is Butler the right fit for a locker room like Houston's?

Plus we ask

Why are Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas arguing with reporters?

Why are there so many issues with the New York Mets?

Why does Giancarlo Stanton keep getting injured?

Why is Spider Man getting another movie?


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