UAlbany and Siena are playing on Saturday for the Albany Cup. As both Will Brown and Jimmy Patsos joined 104.5 The Team on Friday, it was evident that the location of the game, being played at Times Union Center, is not a mutually agreed upon.

“There’s nothing like this in the history of college basketball,” said Will Brown, to Armen and Levack (6:40 mark). “Name one team that’s gone to another team’s home court and has played 10 consecutive years and never gotten a return game out of it.

“I want to it to be fair and equitable. Win or lose, my tune’s not going to change.”

Siena Head Coach Jimmy Patsos responded explained that it’s a more complicated issue than it might seem from the surface.

“That’s above me,” said Patsos, to Armen and Levack. “That’s just above my pay grade. It’s still business.

“We give Albany money. Albany gets a check from that game. They just don’t come down for free. They get a big check, a five figure check for coming down. We give them a piece of those profits of 10,000 tickets sold.”

The two teams square off this Saturday inside the Times Union Center at 7:30.