With multiple pitchers being ejected from games because of a foreign substance on their body, how close is MLB to passing a rule to allow this? 

"I think there is a high chance that they are gonna alter rules in baseball," said Buster Olney, to Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team.

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"My option would be to have the pitchers check with the umpires before the game. You guys watch games. Every time you see a pitcher with a dark spot in the middle of their cap that’s probably pine tar. When you see a pitcher with a shiny spot on their arm, that’s probably sunscreen.

"The vast majority of pitchers, one pitcher estimated five of seven pitchers are doing it. The hitters know what’s going on so why are all of a sudden these guys getting busted?

"Have the pitchers check in with the umpires. A couple of pitchers mentioned to come up with a rag or something with pine tar to put out around the mound and pitchers can use that and that could be a controlled substance."

New MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who has been on the forefront of evolving the game, seems to be the appropriate person to make this adjustment.

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