New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson still believes his team can make the post-season.

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"It’s not like it’s the last week or two weeks of the season where we don’t have a shot in making the playoffs," Woodson said to the media on Tuesday. "We still have a legitimate shot to make it.”

Technically, he's right. While the Knicks are a disappointing 19-29, they're only a game and a half out in the horrid Eastern Conference.

But, even playing against a mixture of other fickle and inconsistent teams, do you believe that this team is a playoff organization right now?

If you were to ask a Knicks fan, 'What is this team's offensive / defensive philosophy?' No one knows. Furthermore, the players don't even know.

Plus, the Knicks lost to the lowly Milwaukee Bucks this week who only have a total of nine victories on the season and two in their last 17. What was the big critique in that game? The Knicks didn't show up to play until the 4th quarter and by then it was too late.

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This team talks way too much about an unknown identity and a 'lack of effort' right now to believe that Woodson's bunch can get to the post-season. Yes, even in the East.

The Knicks play at home tonight against the Portland Trail Blazers (34-14), tip-off at 8 o'clock.