Major League Baseball's memo about banned foreign substances has caused an uproar from MLB players and members of the media, and Tampa Bay Rays' ace Tyler Glasnow has thrown his New Era hat in the ring.

In a video press conference last night, Glasnow was asked about his recent arm injury, and if a lack of a "sticky" substance had anything to do with it. The right-hander, who was clearly frustrated by the path being taken by the MLB, blew my mind with his response.

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There's only one pitcher that comes to mind that has been this open and honest about substance use in Major League Baseball, and that is Trevor Bauer. Now, while Bauer revels in his role as a villain in the game of baseball, Glasnow is taking a different approach. He uses logic, reason and personal experience in order to paint a powerful and worrying picture of where baseball is today, and where it could go when substances are removed from the game.

Now, I fall somewhere in the middle on this issue, given what was said by Glasnow. I think this policy could be implemented and end up being a "success" given the context of the situation. That said, you need to afford pitchers the opportunity to adjust their mechanics and workout regimens to this change. Throwing pitchers, who easily toss 95 MPH and above, into the fire with this rule change, giving them only one week (maximum two starts for starting pitchers) to adjust to the change, will more than likely result in more injuries like Glasnow's.

Quick aside...this rash of honesty from MLB players (like Glasnow and Pete Alonso) is SO refreshing. I'll tell you what, no one has been following anything from baseball as closely as people are following the substance conversation.

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