While buying school supplies for your kids this year, think about those that don't have that luxury.


Around the Capital Region, there is a large number of youth that don't have the financial ability to get the coolest binder, backup or folders. But you help.

Be involved in 'Stuff the Bus' where all we're asking for is you to drop some of those school supplies items off at any of our nearly 10 convenient locations around the Capital Region.

We're looking for $10,000 in retail supplies to fill up a school bus. If each of you grab an extra thing or two when you're at the store, that's all it takes.

The best part about 'Stuff the Bus' is that it helps those in the 5-1-8. The supplies stay local for the families that really need them.

YOU can help US, stuff the bus!

Join 'Armen and Levack' this Wednesday from 5-7p ET, broadcasting LIVE at the Crossgates Mall. 

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